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Municipality of the Year

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The City of Riviera Beach boasts to be “The Best Waterfront City in which to Live, Work and Play.” This wonderful waterfront community, nestled in Palm Beach County, is home to over 30,000 Floridians and takes pride in providing a safe, family-friendly environment for its residents.

Whether you are into music, fishing or relaxing by the beach, the city offers a wide array of activities for residents and visitors ranging from the “Jazz After Dark” series of concerts offered every month or the monthly “Fishing Club” outings for kids, both sponsored by the City’s Parks and Recreation Department. In addition to providing fun events for all to enjoy, the City also embraces the importance of providing economic enhancement opportunities for its residents through initiatives such as the weekly “Jobs Club” where local business owners are given the opportunity to connect with job seekers in the community. Additionally, the City celebrates the importance of education by providing scholarships to undergraduate students through the Riviera Beach Education Scholarship Fund.

HCT is extremely proud to have the opportunity to service a municipality that cares about providing a fun and economically sound environment for its residents.